8 Industries That Have Managed to Thrive in 2020

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2020 has been a difficult year for so many of us. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have had to rethink how they are run. They’ve needed to quickly switch gears and reexamine their marketing skills. Many embraced new technologies and learned to evolve in our new world. During this uncertain time, many industries were able to boom and grow. 

Business is Booming

Public demand has never been higher across a wide variety of different industries this year thanks to the pandemic. Some of the biggest industries right now include:

  • Medical Suppliers – It’s no surprise that in the midst of a pandemic the demand for medical devices, medicines, and personal protective equipment has soared. Across the world, medical suppliers have been struggling to keep up with the high demands of things like ventilator machines, test kits, disinfectants, and face masks. Companies who make this important equipment are working to increase the amount of production to keep up.
  • Essential Retail – Since the pandemic began people have been giving the essential retail industry a boost. Many people have been making larger runs to the store to stock up on supplies for the week. It’s gotten so busy that earlier this year Walmart made the announcement that they needed to hire over 150,000 new employees across the United States to keep up with the demand.
  • E-Commerce – With many malls and stores closing down or cutting hours due to the pandemic, more and more people have turned to online shopping to fill their needs. From grocery shopping to clothing and everything in between, people have been able to get shopping done through their phones and laptops instead of going out.
  • Books and Gaming – Before the pandemic, it always felt like there was no time to read or commit to games. Now more and more people have found themselves staying at home to reduce the spread of the virus. People turned to books and games to keep themselves busy and entertained. The ever-popular video game industry also saw a boost to sales as well. 
  • Housing – You may be shocked to learn that the housing market hasn’t been slowed down by the pandemic. There are a couple of reasons for this. Mortgage rates are low right now. High-wage workers who have managed to transition to remote work have maintained strong economic positions by spending less, giving them the opportunity to save more than ever before. Millennials are finding themselves at the perfect age to buy a home. 
  • Teleworking Software – Over the past five years, the number of remote workers has been increasing steadily, and now due to the pandemic, more companies have learned to quickly embrace employees working from home. Companies have been embracing various teleworking software to create a successful remote work culture for their employees. For meetings, companies have turned to video conferencing software like Zoom. To keep in touch with day-to-day operations, companies are using apps like Slack and Teamwork. The teleworking industry shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 
  • E-Learning – Teleworking software has also come in handy for e-learning as well. Many parents have found themselves trying to maneuver in this new world where their kids aren’t attending school as usual. There are also many college students learning to adjust as well. The e-learning industry has seen a significant increase in demand thanks to the pandemic. Educators and students alike have turned to a variety of software including video conferencing apps like Zoom to keep up with their lessons.
  • Tech Support – With more people working from home this year, the demand for technical support has grown. Tech support companies have seen a significant increase in people needing assistance with setting up their work stations, pairing devices, and troubleshooting errors. To combat the increased demand many companies have begun hiring more and more remote technical support agents to help. 

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