When it comes to first impressions, it doesn’t get much more personal than your company logo. Picking the right image to spearhead your branding is not an easy task. After all, it will adorn everything from your interdepartmental memoranda to your global advertising campaigns, and if it’s really memorable, school children and potential investors alike will be able to pick your company out of a lineup.

Of course, your logo is simply one aspect of your greater branding initiative — the process of revealing your products, your services, your credo, to the world. You wouldn’t trust the rollout of such an important touchpoint between you and your customers to just any digital marketing team; the stakes are too high and you only make first impressions once.

Get Creative with Gravitate One

Unlike many other Utah marketing firms, which roll graphic design into other departments as a secondary (or even tertiary) discipline, Gravitate One has a dedicated creative team that is capable of doing much more than simply superimposing your logo over stock imagery. Our branding and creative department works in multiple mediums to cover as much ground as possible to tell your business’s story.

  • Video production and editing
  • Professional-grade photography
  • Complete fluency in PhotoShop and other art-based software
  • Clothing design, and much more…

It’s not just about having the creative eye but having the technical know-how to get things done, and all in a way that will grab the attention of potential clients all over the world.

Starting Where you Are

As digital marketing professionals, we aren’t just adept at steering your company’s image where you want it to go, we can expertly assess where you are right now and identify the changes that will be of most help to you on your journey. With your blessing, we can run a full creative audit on your business, evaluating everything from your logo, your official color palette, and your company slogan. We collaborate with you to touch-up or completely reform your identity as a brand, helping you avoid the derivative for the exciting and new.

Our creative team also works hand-in-hand with all of our other departments — content, advertising, social media, and website development — to make sure that everything benefits from visually interesting artwork and design. As such, our team of Renaissance men and women is competent in every aspect of our marketing work.

The Best Branding in Business

Not only does the Gravitate One branding and creative department have the experience you look for in a Utah marketing firm, but our team members have the formal college accreditation to back it up. When we sit in the navigator’s seat beside you, you can rest assured that we have seen it all and know what works.

If you’re curious how we can beef up your company’s creative output, feel free to meet with us for a free consultation. Together, we can bring your business more fully into the light of recognition and trust among your target demographic, and carve inroads with an ever-expanding circle of new clientele.