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We know that there’s no shortage of digital marketing services to work with. So what sets Gravitate One apart from the competition when it comes to managing your online marketing?

A Boutique Approach That Values Quality Over Quantity

We’re not trying to be the agency with the most clients. Instead, we value the select group of businesses that we do work with, and we spend our time deepening the relationship with them and finding the unique things that set them apart in order to improve their marketing strategy.

Plus, a majority of our team is based in Utah, so we know who your audience is and who your competitors are. By helping your business thrive, we’re helping our own community out.

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Full Service Offerings

Your marketing goals are our marketing goals. As one of the top digital marketing agencies in Utah, we offer a complete range of professional marketing services that can be customized to fit your business’s needs.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By staying on top of Google’s latest algorithm updates, following white hat principles, and paying close attention to visitor flow and experience, we’re able to cultivate an SEO strategy that puts you on the first page of results and keeps you there.

Web Design

Whether you’re creating a new website or updating an old one, we’re ready to capture who you are with a site that’s clean, simple, educational, and compelling.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

We make sure every click counts. With PPC, an effective strategy starts with investigative work, so our team is well versed in tracking data, analyzing finds, and creating an action plan using the unique aspects of your business to get the best results possible.


Did you know that 98% of consumers check their email accounts on a daily basis? We know that an effective email campaign can retain the right audiences while building their trust, and we’ll do just that with your business.

Social Media

Who ISN’T on some form of social media these days? If you’re not consistently engaging with your audience and reaching them on multiple different platforms, we’ll help you set up a social media marketing strategy that works.


Video is powerful, memorable, and profitable. We create award-winning videos that will capture your audience and enable plenty of views, engagement, and success.

Marketing Strategy

No one-size-fits-all business plans here. Our team of marketing experts is more than happy to guide you through creating a marketing strategy that works for your business.

Creative Design

Strengthen the impact of your brand by establishing uniformity and creativity within your marketing outreach. Whether you’re looking to improve your image, explore ideas, or create whole new opportunities, we’ll merge creativity with strategy to ensure your mission syncs with the marketplace.

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Custom Reporting & Analytics

Our marketing efforts are only as good as our results. So, once we create a strategy for you, we keep a close eye on the numbers to ensure they’re delivering the results we want.

Our team specializes in doing deep analytic dives to see what’s working and what’s not, both before and after we start working with you. With customized reporting, we’ll let you know what we find in easy-to-understand language that keeps you on top of your business’s performance.

Our Past Clients

We’ve been honored to represent some of the best companies in Utah. Here are just a few of our past and current clients, along with what we did to improve their business.

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FLT Academy

FLT Academy is a Utah-founded flight school that offers commercial and private pilot certifications for those pursuing aviation as a career or hobby. Before Gravitate One, FLT Academy had established itself as a reputable institution for pilot training and education but sought further growth and expansion. 

In just one year with Gravitate One, FLT Academy experienced considerable growth. Website traffic increased 240 percent, while sales increased by 30 percent from the previous year. This success added fuel to the engine, generating more exposure and more revenue for FLT Academy. After a number of successful promotions and campaigns, the stage has been set for a future of steady, healthy growth. This is already able to be seen by increasing click-through rates and overall return on ad spend.

Check out FLT’s full, in-depth case study here.

CBI Security logo

CBI Security

CBI Security is a corporate and private security company operating in three states. When CBI started with Gravitate One, they were a modest organization providing services only in the state of Utah.

In just one year with Gravitate One, CBI Security expanded from Utah into Arizona and Idaho. In addition, organic traffic has increased 185 percent, meaning more marketing-qualified individuals are reaching CBI’s virtual doorstep. Video ad campaigns have proved successful, especially in recruiting new security personnel to join the CBI team. The combined efforts of SEO, PPC, and Social have created a well-running, continually expanding engine for CBI Security.

Check out CBI Security’s full, in-depth case study here.

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Minky Mamas

Minky Mamas is a Utah e-Commerce operation that sells Minky blankets and accessories to customers nationwide. Before Gravitate One, Minky Mamas had only seen moderate success in attracting direct traffic to their website, but lacked stability in their organic and paid campaigns.

Because of SEO efforts and a focus on more relevant keywords, Minky Mamas saw a 600 percent increase in website traffic, meaning significantly more interested potential customers were visiting their site every day. In addition, Google and Facebook ads were performing in the top 5 percent, leading to more conversions. In just 3 years working with Gravitate One, Minky Mamas was forced to upgrade their warehouse three separate times in order to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for their products.

Check out Minky Mama’s full, in-depth case study here.

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