SEO Never Stops.
Neither Should You.

As technology advances and algorithms evolve, so does SEO and the practices that support companies in attaining high search engine trust. 

Sustaining a high ranking in search results is pivotal to the success of your online presence. To get your site in front of potential customers for free, it’s important to gain insight into what aspects of your site are performing well and what is holding you back from better SEO every step of the way. 

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    Now You Have Insight into Your Site. Need a Strategy to Improve Your SEO?

    At Gravitate One, we want to see you succeed in getting as much organic traffic as possible. If any aspect of your site is hurting your visibility or conversion rates, we can provide a personalized SEO strategy to not only bring it back to its former glory but gravitate more customers to your site than ever before. 

    Videos need to accurately represent your brand and show that you are an expert on the topic, whether it’s your own product or service, or something else.

    It’s important to remain authentic to your mission and your goals in whatever type of video you create; people can tell when you’re just trying to go viral and it’s often a turn-off.

    Video marketing agency Gravitate One will help you answer these questions and ensure your content is on-brand and gains traction.

    Boost Your Online Presence

    • High rankings are essential for long-term growth, but shortcuts won’t cut it
    • Your traffic will soar as people have an easier time finding you
    • More traffic means more conversion

    High organic traffic is a staple focus for revenue-driven businesses. Traffic that comes from search engines organically will typically stay on your site longer, trust your services more, and be more likely to purchase your products and/or services.

    Gravitate One helps you bubble up to the top of organic (natural) search results, making your company one of the first that people see when they search for products and services online. We specialize in achieving legitimate, long-term SEO results.

    Content Is King

    • Your content earns you Google recognition
    • Google–and your visitors–want robust and helpful content
    • Our content team will provide optimized, engaging copy that brings added value to your company on both the front and back end

    Google is in the information business. They desire to deliver the world’s information in an organized way (then advertise around it). The sites that are promoted to the top of organic search results generally include those with the best content.

    Gravitate One’s content processes are strategized and intentional. We provide premium content in various forms including videos, infographics, quality article writing, interactive flash pieces, and much more. The overall ‘equity’ of your site is increased with each piece of content we create. Google will long be seeing this content as highly valuable and reward you with exposure. Instead of us just proverbially remodeling your site’s kitchen, we are constantly making fresh, relevant on-page additions. Google sees that your site is consistently growing and providing valuable information- so over time they increase your visibility by raising you in search results for terms your potential customers are searching for.

    Improve Crawlability

    • User friendly, and Google ‘crawler’ friendly sites help Google understand and index your site
    • On-page optimization is important, but don’t be fooled- it cannot stand alone
    • Gravitate One works hard every month to improve the cleanliness of your code and the quality of the user experience, driving high rankings

    Google needs to be able to read your content and site code in order to index it highly under specific searches. Think of Google like an efficient internet librarian—looking for all the correct places to put your site. The cleaner your code and the more accurately your content is labeled, the easier the task of indexing becomes. Gravitate Online builds and repairs sites to make them easy for Google to read and index. On-page optimization alone is only 10%-20% of the work. It must be coupled with endorsement acquisition, link building, content creation, and a growing social presence to yield desired results. We make sure to cover all the bases, and then some, to ensure that Google has the proper tools it needs to push you to the top.

    People are Looking for What You’ve Got


    Customers Research Online Before Buying


    Searchers Click on the First Page of Result


    Searchers Include a Local Term


    Searchers Follow Up with a Phone Call


    End Up Making an In Store Purchase

    No Weak Links

    • Site credibility increases dramatically if your links are found on outside websites
    • Quality links are favored by Google
    • Gravitate Online creates consistent, lasting, and quality links by utilizing your content

    How does Google know if your content is good? The answer is pretty straightforward. Google looks at the number and quality of sites that are linking to you or endorsing your site. If the content on your site deserves the recognition of others, then they will link to you. But not all these links are created equally. Google also analyzes the sites that are linking to you and will determine if they come from a reputable source.

    Gravitate One leverages the high-quality content we’ve created to drive quality links that will stand the test of time. The better the content, the better the inbound links will be and the longer they will stick around. You don’t just want a ton of links, you want links that actually register as a legitimate quality vote that Google can count. The more of these quality votes your site has, the better your site appears in the eyes of Google. The result? A push towards the top of the results page.


    Start Domanating Locally

    Almost all consumers research online before making a purchase, driving millions of people to Google, Bing, and Yahoo every day. When searching, 90% of those people will click links on the first search page. Gravitate One helps push you to the first page for terms that have a national and global audience. Get in front of the eyes of your potential customers and convert your increased traffic into revenue.