Being Seen and Heard

When gauging the strength of your business’s marketing, there are three questions that can act as markers against which to judge its overall effectiveness.

  • Does my business get our message to our key demographic?
  • Do we interface directly with our customers?
  • Are we nimble enough to adapt our strategies to meet demand?

There’s a certain type of control over one’s brand that allows a company to answer each question in the affirmative. Ultimately, these questions are about your business’s ability to communicate﹘not just telling your current and future customers how and where they can purchase your goods, but communicating that you are aware of their needs and that your company can fulfill them better than the competition. To create such an identity, and then have﹘through positive interactions with your customers﹘your clientele take up the mantle of advertising by telling their friends and family, is like arriving in the Promised Land of digital marketing. That’s when the flywheel of good word-of-mouth works in your favor and your business will go from strength to strength as the orders begin rolling in.

The coin of the realm

One of the fastest ways to reach this state is by shaping the conversation on social media. Thanks to these platforms, where anyone can shape a digestible message and have it in front of thousands of people in a matter of seconds, Gravitate One﹘a Utah-based marketing firm﹘can step out on the world’s stage and curate a positive forward-facing persona that will serve as the touchstone for scores of clients looking to interact with your business. This type of “social credibility” becomes increasingly more important because it not only legitimizes the brand to newcomers but it provides current customers with a sense of community. People evangelize the things that they love, which makes a robust digital marketing presence on social media dearer than gold. 

The tools

In order to best utilize social media to your advantage, we use the full suite of tools available on each platform in order to reach your audience. This includes paid ads, organic posts, boosted content, and the occasional social media event, like a Facebook Live broadcast, or Instagram story. Social media is all about controlling the source that your customers get their information, all while keeping them engaged. Have they gone a day without coming across your name or product? Then we did our job poorly.

Paid Ads

The bedrock of any digital marketing presence, paid ads are crucial to the success of your brand in the public sphere. At Gravitate One, we understand what makes these ads successful better than other Utah marketing firms. We are dedicated to three essential criteria that each successful paid ad must accomplish:

  • Connect with the logical and/or emotional center of your customers. These ads should help them see how your product not only fits in with their lifestyle but is what they’ve been missing all along. This is not easy to do, as good paid ads are also succinct.
  • Have a compelling call to action. The copy and the pictures should drive potential customers to click through the ad. A good call to action feels like an obvious next step for viewers of the ad.
  • Keep conversion costs low. Behind everything we do at Gravitate One is keeping a close eye on the ad’s daily or weekly analytics. We mentioned that good marketing is nimble marketing up above﹘while this doesn’t work for something like PPC, social media allows us to tweak ads in the middle of their lifespan in order to maximize its reach and impressions, thus driving up click-through rates.

Boosted Posts

While paid ads are designed to reach a wide demographic (often far beyond the typical service areas of most Utah marketing firms), boosted posts are for specifically targeting your current followers. By putting money behind a simple organic post, these boosted entries will find their way to the front page of your audience’s dashboard. It’s a great way within digital marketing to drum up conversation, promote sales, give a shoutout to community members, or announce awards and recognition.

Organic Posts

There is nothing so devastating to the health of a company’s social media credibility than an inactive account. If your firm doesn’t have anything to say, people will assume there is nothing noteworthy happening with your brand. At Gravitate One, we “keep the lights on” by managing a steady stream of organic posts to keep your audience engaged. With direction from the client, we can focus on promoting or underscoring specific products or services that the business provides.

Email Marketing

At Gravitate One, email marketing is a crucial digital marketing tool and falls under the purview of our social media arm. Creating emails that make it past spam folders, are clicked on, and ultimately lead to sales is an art form all on its own. Part of our success in email marketing is to create relevant, readable content, presented in a well-designed format while monitoring crucial data like open rates and click rates. We are experienced in all sorts of email portals and CRMs and will create strategies to not only keep people opening your emails but gaining new recipients without turning to underhanded tactics like buying email lists.

Like a tended Garden

Marketing on social media is like tending a garden: you place your plants where they will get the most sun all while making adjustments to enrich the soil, increase access to waterings, and eradicate insects, as needed. The digital marketing we do at Gravitate One works much the same way. By choosing the right placement for your message and keeping a watchful eye on the analytics, we can grow your online presence into something wonderful. And with an internationally diverse team, with members from all over the world, we offer a better understanding of what will speak to clients in different parts of the world. This is just another way in which we differentiate from the typical Utah marketing firm.

The key to social media marketing, as in gardening, is consistency. At Gravitate One, we do not “set it and forget it.” We are always tending to your social media identity. Have you considered evolving your social media marketing presence? Let’s talk.