The team at Gravitate Online is proud to announce a new partnership that we’ve started with with a fabulous company, Nitch Creative! Nitch Creative is a creative studio that does everything from app design and website creation to designing things like billboards and vehicle wraps. They’re quite a design powerhouse here in Utah. Specifically, our partnership will focus on app development. This means that all Gravitate customers who want to utilize the power of apps in their business now have access to an excellent team that has a track record of making incredible apps.

Apps are “it”

Apps are all the rage right now, as internet usage is being done less and less on traditional desktop computers, and is instead moving to mobile used devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Apps are starting to get used more and more by every demographic, and are an essential entry point to get your company, product, and message out to a younger consumer base.

Apps add revenue

App development is can be a deeper investment for a company to make, but it is an investment that can pay off in high dividends. Because an app is linked directly to the devices that your customers are most likely going to be using, it serves as a powerful and effective way to to promote access to the news, events, and promotions that are going on within your company. In addition to this, in-app purchases can be a substantial platform for revenue that may not have been explored in your company, before.

A full in-house team

The reason we chose to team up with Nitch Creative, and not one of the many other companies that market themselves as app development companies, is because Nitch Creative is setup to have a a full in-house team of designers and developers. Rather than using freelancers to do certain aspects of the process, Nitch Creative does everything in-house, so that you have full access to the team that is actually do the heavy lifting.