We all know links are crucial to getting value from your content and improved positions in search engines. I stumbled on this great link building tool. I’m excited to start using it to help out our clients. Basically, you put in the website you are link building for, add 4-5 competitors and run the program. It then spits out a report that looks like this:


It shows all the juicy links your competitors are getting that you don’t have. It then shows you where they are getting them from. Then, you can seek after the same links. It includes lots of link juice information about the quality of the page it’s coming from, the pagerank, etc.

I’m really excited to start using it for some of our clients. Especially when we have 1-2 competitors that we keep chasing but haven’t quite been able to beat yet. It’s going to add another great tool to our arsenal. Thanks SEOmoz, another great tool!