Did you ever play MadLibs as a kid? The fun of it might have worn off once you learned that “stinky” wasn’t the perfect adjective for any situation. However, here’s a MadLibs that could actually benefit your company: a positioning statement.

A positioning statement is used in marketing to define where you stand in the industry amongst your customers and competitors. It’s usually one or two sentences used to define your audience, your market, and your unique offering to the table. Once you iron out this statement for your company, it’s useful in your marketing efforts, sales pitches, and all of your collaborations with other companies.

Positioning Statement Template

Try filling out the template below to better define your company, and boost your marketing efforts.

[Your brand] is the [foremost – but put in your own descriptor] provider of [your product or service] for [your target market] because of [your point of differentiation – it’s best if there are several].

Finish it up by rearranging the statement so that it sounds better and makes sense.

The Two Hardest Parts

As you try to fill in this statement, you might notice there are a couple places where you aren’t quite sure what to say. This probably includes (1) your target market and (2) your points of differentiation.

In order to identify your target market, ask yourself a few questions. Who do you cater to the most? It’s possible that your audience may not necessarily be grouped together by virtue of their ages or gender or socioeconomic group. Rather, they’ll be united, and drawn to your brand, because of their values. Is your audience family-oriented? Discerning? Eco-conscious?

And then there are your points of differentiation, which are vital. What sets you apart from your competition? Is it a matter of pricing or convenience? Or is there something more? What makes your customers stay loyal even when there’s a discount on another comparable product? What attributes qualify you for a superlative, by which I mean, what are you the best at, or most of?

An Example to Finish Us Off

“Bailey’s Beignets is the premier destination for classic southern cooking in Oregon. With our authentic recipes, experienced cooks, and family atmosphere, anyone who left their heart in Georgia will feel right at home.”

This post is part of a series of recommended exercises to help businesses better define and build their brands. Stay tuned for more great ideas!