Joe, Bryce and Tanner

Culture is a very important part of work. There have been many studies done on what motivates people. Some common answers are money, PTO, insurance, 401K, etc. While I do believe that these things play an important part of motivating your employees, I propose that it runs deeper than that.

Did you know that you spend more time on average at work then with anything else? About half of your waking hours are spent at your job, so it is important that you enjoy your place of employment.

We have found that there are ways of keeping people motivated that don’t cost money, extra PTO, or any of the aforementioned topics. Some of the things that we do to make sure everyone is staying motivated are jam seasons, weekly debates on anything from politics to what is the best super power, Guilty Pleasure Thursday, and even a weekly team building day called Team Building Tuesday, TBT.

The above video can give us a small glimpse into motivation Gravitate Online style.