Okay, it’s official, Facebook has reached critical mass. A couple young girls in Australia got caught in a drain and instead of dialing 000 (their version of 911), they posted their predicament on Facebook. It was promptly seen by a friend and they were rescued by the fire department. They were only 10 and 12 years old, and used this alternative via their mobile phone rather than calling the police, reflecting a new generation of communication.Storm_Drain

We at TK (now Gravitate Online) have always said to go where the people are…evidently they are on Facebook, even when in grave danger.

Perhaps when Twitter has reached the same level of adoption these types of situations could be avoided all-together, as friends would receive a minute by minute update of every intricate detail and be able to intervene:

“Floating paper boat down rain gutter…”

“Oh, no! Boat goes down large, menacing drain…”


“Lowering little sister into deep, dark storm drain…this should be fun!”

Where WERE you Twitter! Little girls are in DANGER!