Let’s get one thing straight…Google is filled largely with engineering dorks.  Recently I saw this video by Google as they try really hard to make dorky things look pretty cool. At the end of the day- they are really a funny sort. Watch through the video and let me know the dorkiest and most socially awkward things you see. Here are a few starters…

– Big beach balls in the background to jazz things up and give the sense of tons of personality

– Guy drawing a funny-face picture on the invisible dry erase board when talking about their awesome culture (although I do loooove dry erase boards and markers)

At the end of the day, I’m so glad to see the world’s most influential company is filled with super smart people that are trying to solve the difficult problems. There Google! I redeemed myself- so please don’t fry my brain with a laser from a satellite that is probably watching me type this.