Is Is it the Coach or the Talent?

What makes a football team great?

Why are the Seahawks on their way to the Superbowl for the second year? Russel Wilson? Richard Sherman? Pete Carroll?

Or how about this one: how did Ohio State beat Oregon to be the national champions? Given the same team, but replacing Urban Meyer, would it have happened?

This was the debate here a few days ago. Urban Meyer gets the best out of every team he coaches. Utah became the original BCS busters in 2004 under his leadership. But they also had 1st round NFL draft pick Alex Smith at quarterback. So did Meyer win because he had a great quarterback, or was Smith a great quarterback because he had a great coach?

That was the debate here a few days ago, and since I am the one writing the blog, I get to dictate who won. Clearly it’s a combination. The most talented players out there will fall flat without some good coaching, and even the best coach can only do so much with sub par players.


We beg to differ!

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