Less than a week ago, I summarized a rumor going around the tech industry that Facebook and Google were courting Skype. Like Jack and Sawyer going after Kate. Well, as is too often the case, Benjamin Linus has outsmarted them both, and Microsoft has come in with $8.5 Billion to purchase the company.

Sooooo, as Microsoft owns a 1/4 billion dollars worth of Facebook, it may come in as a win for Microsoft and Facebook. However, this is a very high price tag. Google and Facebook were not nearly this high. A desperate play on becoming sexy and relevant? Skype integrated with Kinect or Xbox? Facebook chat to include video conferencing? We’ll see how this plays out.

Check out the video chatting about the purchase:



Feedback? What is Microsoft thinking? How will they implement the Skype technology? Let us know what you think.