Off-Page SEO: Behind the Scenes of the Production

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Optimization at a Glance

The SEO objective is a simple one:

Improve the quality and quantity of website traffic.

You’ll notice that this objective has two parts, each as vital as the other. Bringing spammers and competitors to your site with little to no conversion does arguably less good than having no visitors at all. 

The key to effective optimization is bringing BOTH quality and quantity. This is where the three general constituents of SEO need considerable finesse and expertise behind them in order to yield favorable results. These constituents include on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO. However, for the purposes of this article, we will be merging the arms of off-page and technical SEO into one, powerful limb. Let’s now consider the two general categories as presently constituted. 

On-Page SEO

At times, some tend to create a separation between ‘content marketing’ and SEO when in reality they are happily married to one another. Content Marketing is generally used to describe the on-page portion of SEO— or what is seen on the front-end. This includes (primarily) website content, blogs, infographics, and videos. This content is what shows up on the front lines, ready to be accessed by any and all visitors. Not only does on-page copy affect rankings due to Google’s recognition of keyword usage, but engaging, well-written content draws in more visitors. 

Off-Page SEO

Now, despite the common phrase ‘content is king,’ we should in no wise neglect the importance of off-page SEO. What happens on the back-end has a considerable bearing on rankings— well over 50 percent. In other words, even though it walks unassuming paths and exists largely unseen, off-page SEO shoulders most of the optimization burden, making or breaking your website’s relationship with search engines. In order to expect quality results, one must have a solid understanding of what is going on behind the scenes. For the purposes of this article, we will be merging the arms of off-page and technical SEO into one, powerful limb. 

The Science (and Art) of Off-Page

When thinking of the creativity involved in writing dynamic blog posts and web pages, many may assume that off-page optimization is the straight-laced, no-nonsense technical cousin. Although this may be true, in part, off-page SEO certainly requires its level of creativity as well. Those who master the science and the art of these processes will surely see a considerable boost in rankings and conversion. 

Link Building

Simply put, your website finds more search engine relevance when links to your site are found on outside platforms. Building a network of quality backlinks tells search engines that the content found on your site is of use to those who input certain queries. The result is an improvement in your page rankings. Again, with link building, quality and quantity are of equal importance. This is where off-page artistry comes in handy. 


Citations or listings are essentially any online mention of the name, address and phone number of a local business. Such listings can occur on local business directories, websites, social platforms and more. Not only do local listings help local internet users discover your business, but it also helps build credibility with search engines. Knowing how, where and when to list your business online can make a considerable impact on search engine rankings. 

CRO Audits

Conversion rate optimization or CRO audits study and measure the behavior of your users. As implied by the word ‘study, ‘ such practices are not intended to provide one-size-fits-all solutions, but rather aim to tailor optimization changes to your target audience. As with Link building and listings, conducting effective CRO audits is a practice mastered over time. 

Mastery Takes Time 

When it comes to local search optimization, there is a lot more going on than meets the eye. Staying on top of all the intricate details and moving pieces can prove overwhelming, especially for larger operations. This is why many companies seek out professional advice and assistance from digital marketing professionals. If you have any inquiries with regards to your current SEO campaigns and how you can achieve better results quicker, contact the Gravitate team today.