Danny Dover shared this nice de-personalization tip in his new book ‘Search Engine Optimization Secrets‘ that just came out. It allows SEO’s to quickly strip away personalization from search results. As many searches as I do each day- this little shortcut is a nice little technique to add to my repertoire. I highly recommend the book and this tip. Here are the steps demonstrated in the short video tutorial.

1. In the Firefox browser, click on Bookmarks–>Organize Bookmarks

2. In Bookmark Library popup, right click on Bookmarks Menu (do not right click on All Bookmarks)–>New Bookmark

3. In Bookmark popup, fill in Name field (anything you want)

4. In Location field enter: http://www.google.com/search?&q=%s&pws=0 (enter this exactly)

5. Enter any Tags or Description if you’d like to

6. Enter a Keyword shortcut (I used the letter ‘g’)

7. Click Add and your done

That’s it! Now in the Firefox browser URL field when you type the letter ‘g’ and your query all personalization will be stripped from your Google results page.

What other de-personalization tips do you have? Please, chime in.