PPC Best Practices: How to Optimize Your Landing Page

designer working on landing page designs

PPC campaigns are a great way to drive traffic to your website, but if you’re not optimizing your landing page, you’re missing out on potential revenue. A well-optimized landing page can raise your ROI for your PPC campaign through higher conversion rates and a better quality score. 

Raise Your ROI: Higher Conversion Rates & Lower Ad Spend

Conversion rates are the number of people who take the desired action on your website divided by the total number of people who visit your site. For example, if you have a PPC ad campaign that sends 100 people to your website and two of those people buy something from your online store, your conversion rate is 2%.

A higher conversion rate means more for your money. If you can increase your PPC conversion rate from 2% to 4% percent, you’ve doubled the number of sales you’re getting from your PPC campaigns without spending any more money on ads.

Quality score is a measure of how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing pages are to the people who see them. A high-quality score means that your ad is relevant and useful to your target audience, which can lead to lower costs per click and higher ad positions.

To get a high-quality score, you need to send searchers to a landing page that matches their intent. For example, if you’re selling running shoes and someone searches for “buy running shoes,” you want to send them to a landing page about that, not your home page or one about other footwear.

How to Optimize Your Landing Page For Outstanding PPC

To raise your conversion rates and lower your ad spend, give a little TLC to the following features of your landing page and come up with a smart strategy to raise your quality score, capture clicks, and convert those clicks into customers:


Your headline is the most important element on your PPC landing page because it’s what will grab someone’s attention and convince them to stay on your page. To write an effective headline, start by identifying your target audience and what they’re looking for. Then, make sure your headline is clear, concise, and relevant to what they’re searching for. 


Your PPC landing page copy should be persuasive and to the point. It should also be relevant to your headline and target audience. Start by writing a clear value proposition that tells your target audience what they’ll get by using your product or service. Then, use persuasive language to convince them to take the desired action. 


The imagery you use on your PPC landing page should be relevant to your headline and copy. It should also be high-quality and visually appealing. Choose images that are bright, colorful, and easy to understand. Avoid using stock photos or generic images. Instead, use real photos or illustrations that show your product in use. 


Your PPC landing page design should be simple and easy to navigate. Avoid using too many colors or font types. Stick to one or two colors, and use a simple font that’s easy to read. Use plenty of white space to make your page easy to scan. 

Your PPC landing page should also be mobile-friendly. More and more people are using their smartphones to browse the internet, so it’s important to make sure your PPC landing page looks good on a mobile device. 

Call To Action

Your PPC landing page should have a strong call to action (CTA) that tells your target audience what to do next. Your CTA should be relevant to your headline and copy, and it should be placed in a prominent location on your page. Use persuasive language to encourage your target audience to take the desired action. 

CTA Button or Form

Your CTA button or Form should be placed in a prominent location on your PPC landing page, and it should be designed to stand out from the rest of your page. Use a color that contrasts with the rest of your page, and make sure the button is big enough to be seen. Your button should also be clickable, so make sure it’s easy to press on a mobile device. 

Analyze The Performance Of Your PPC Landing Page

Once you’ve launched your PPC landing page, it’s important to monitor its performance and make changes as needed. Use Google Analytics to track your page views, conversion rate, and bounce rate. If you see a high bounce rate, that means people are leaving your PPC landing page without taking the desired action. Make sure your headline and copy are relevant to your target audience and consider changing your imagery or CTA. 

You should also regularly check up on your PPC landing page to make sure it’s up-to-date. If you’re running a sale or promotion, ensure the dates are correct. If you’ve made changes to your product or service, update your PPC landing page accordingly.  

Reach Out For Professional PPC Services

If you want to get the most out of your campaign, opt for PPC services from a local marketing agency. A PPC expert can help you create an effective landing page that converts. 

At Gravitate One, we offer PPC services to businesses in Utah and beyond. We’ll work with you to create a landing page that not only captures the clicks of your target audience but converts them into loyal customers. Contact us today to get started in Salt Lake or the surrounding area.