…rest of you can read it too!

One of the best decks I’ve gone through in a while, this slide show from a presentation done by Cyrus Shepard is A MUST READ FOR ALL GRAVITATE EMPLOYEES. Have I made it clear enough about how I feel about this?!

Titled ‘The Google Earthquake: How to Survive the Future of Search and Online Marketing’, Cyrus compares SERPS from the old internet and those of today and clearly points out what has happened as Google becomes less of a gateway to information and more of an organizer and displayer of info. SEO becomes a difficult (even more so) fight over fewer and fewer available slots, showing up lower and lower on the page. With reality clearly displayed, he goes into several opportunities for companies like ours to add meaningful value.

Take a look- the deck format only takes 5 min. to go through. I’d love to hear what you think!