Secrets to Social Media Marketing Success

social media strategy on whiteboard

Social media has taken the world by storm— To perform well in virtually any market, a company must now have an online presence. What is even more crucial to its success, though, is the strategies it uses to conduct its campaign.

Capturing the eyes of those scrolling through social media platforms is only the first step to flourishing in the online world. More importantly, a company should come up with creative strategies to turn viewers into customers using these secrets to successful social media advertising: 

Pinpoint Your Preferred Viewers & Pick Your Most Profitable Platform

To employ an effective social media marketing strategy, you must first know who you want to reach. Attributes of your target audience such as gender, age, location, social status, and interests should be taken into consideration before you even begin crafting your campaign. 

Once you have ascertained the audience you seek and their specific characteristics, determine which platform will be most profitable for your company. While it is a good idea to diversify your campaign, it is auspicious to channel a large portion of your resources into the platform with:

  • The most potential customers for your specific company 
  • Features that will best accentuate your product features

For a more perfect picture of your preferred ad viewers and how to reach them— reach out to a professional marketing agency today.

Craft Your Campaign Carefully & Keep Track of Your Content Ratio

Sheer numbers such as likes, followers, and comments are no longer an accurate measure of marketing success. A truly successful social media advertising campaign requires careful planning, as well as close attention to analytics and trends. Some of the most important aspects of this process are:

  • Keeping track of your leads, referrals, and conversion rates
  • Setting measurable goals that adapt to the changing market

Shhh… I’ll let you in on a secret. 80% of your content should be interaction-based, leaving only 20% that is outwardly geared towards sales. This proven strategy is based on the Pareto Principle, which states that the majority of the output of any given system is a product of a small portion of what is put into it. 

Focus On Quality Over Quantity & Offer Outstanding Visuals

Informative, thoughtful content has now taken center stage in the online market. Although it might be tempting to try to widen your audience by speeding up your content output and posting it in more places, creating high-quality content will help you make the most of your resources and result in higher conversion rates. Aim for the heart of your audience by:

  • Taking the time to find where your target audience gathers 
  • Thoughtfully presenting your products or services in a way that piques their interest

In order to pull in customers, your content should be highly visual. Whether it be photos, videos, infographics, or a combination of the three, create the type of content that is most relevant to your brand and execute it with passion and a plan.

Marketing experts with vast experience in social media can help with this by providing you with the statistics on what strategies are working— and which ones are shutting viewers down to the possibility of trying your product.

Remain Authentic & Actively Respond to Your Audience

As the boundary between organic and marketing content dissolves on all platforms, social media users have started to push back when it comes to privacy invasion and intrusive content. This has bred an air of suspicion towards pushy advertising, boosting up the brands that offer:

  • Interactive content that does not intrude on the user experience and is relevant to their interests
  • An air of authenticity in their overall campaign

To further humanize your social media advertising campaign and foster a sense of community within your current and potential customer base, it is important to respond readily to reviews, comments, and more. 

This includes replying to negative feedback, or ‘trolls’— This can help you to appear more human and attain a new level of consumer trust. In certain cases, clever responses have been known to create a boom in visibility by making companies go viral.

Successful social media advertising requires an artful balance of strategy and creativity. Gravitate One continually strives to master this synergy in an evolving market, tending to businesses’ online presence like a garden. 

Through client collaboration, increasingly smarter strategies, and skillful implementation of these secrets to success, Gravitate One can help you grow your company to its potential— and harvest your highest profits.