SEO Design Solutions (no affiliation with Gravitate Online) launched a cool new WordPress SEO plugin, SEO Ultimate, and so far I love it! My favorite feature includes their Title and Description Tag editors, as they put all pages and posts in one section allowing one to edit all tags on one single screen. It saves tons of time, as opposed to going into each page or post and adding it into the tag fields. It really helps me to make sure my tags are each unique and reflect the content on each page. Without this feature it’s easy to start making each tag start to sound like the others- not good for users or search engines.

I’ve created a short tutorial on 2-3 of my favorite features, using our Gravitate WordPress admin as an example. Check it out.

Let me know if you’ve tried other plugins (I’ve been fond of All-In-One SEO for a long time) and if they compare to SEO Ultimate. I’d love to see other implementations of these ideas and find out for myself if there is something better.