Stories, Delivered

Marketing is, at its core, all about how we tell stories to one another. Whether we appeal to our customer’s emotions, comfort, or practicality, a good marketing campaign both presents the problem — “how can I get my dog’s hair and slobber out of the upholstery of my vehicle without paying for an expensive detailing?” — and the answer — “with the patented, new CarPet Cleaner!” The trouble with presenting these stories is that unless the production value is high, the content is compelling, and the product is sound, the advertisement runs the risk of getting lost in the cacophony of all the other digital marketing ads fighting for eye and ear space. 

Of all the ways that companies try to catch a person’s attention, from blinking banner ads to unskippable commercials in the middle of their streaming service, email marketing has the potential to be the most effective in driving up revenue. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Emails allow for a more targeted message, with personalized products that cater to the customer’s purchase history.
  • Customers can curate their inboxes so that they are always getting the most relevant emails for them. 
  • Emails provide Utah marketing firms like Gravitate One with more data coming out of each campaign than simply relying on a strictly audio/visual asset like a commercial.
  • Emails do better than almost any other marketing tool at establishing a voice for the company; monthly newsletters, sales announcements, and annual giveaways all help a customer feel like they’re a valued part of the company’s culture, instead of just hangers-on. 

Digital Marketing Trends towards emails

As other Utah marketing firms will agree, the effort put behind an email campaign can’t be perfunctory. The most recent data confirms that in terms of digital marketing, emails remain as important as they’ve ever been. 

  • User Numbers Are Growing: It is projected that by 2023, more than half of the world’s population (4.3 billion people) will have an email account. Furthermore, some statistics put consumers’ daily usage at over 99%.
  • ROI Is Also Growing: As of 2019, it was estimated that for every dollar spent on email marketing, a business could expect a return of about $42. That number will grow as the global user number increases.
  • Newsletters Are Becoming More Important: Over 40% of B2B companies cite their newsletter as integral to their growth. That number increases for small to mid-sized businesses that reportedly owe over 80% of their consumer retention to newsletters.
  • Open Rates Remain Strong: With nearly 74% of millennials reporting that they prefer contact from businesses by email, general open rates continue to hold steady at just over 20% — that’s one in five emails. Meanwhile 80% (4 out of 5) welcome emails get opened.

Looking at these projections, it’s clear that email marketing isn’t just here to stay, it’s going to flourish. As such, having a team that understands how to generate a successful email, when to send it out, which call-to-action is most compelling, and how often to keep the customer engaged is absolutely essential for a business to increase its revenue year-over-year.

The Gravitate One difference

Gravitate One recognizes the singular importance of maintaining a good email marketing service in order to help businesses drive engagements and conversions. Each month, Gravitate’s social media, content, and design teams will collaborate to produce an email that is strong both in terms of its writing and its aesthetics, while our development team, meanwhile, will make the necessary digital assets, such as a catalog, form, or landing page, available for readers to click on and fill in. 

A good email campaign can literally change the fortunes of a company, and each one is a collaboration between all of our experts. When you hire Gravitate One, you don’t just get one of us — you get all of us. If you have questions about how we can boost your digital marketing presence through email, reach out and we can show you just how we bring our clients closer to the customers and revenue that they want.