If you are in charge of your company’s blog or you write your own blog, you’ve probably spent countless hours staring at the computer thinking “What in the world should I write about?”  I know that I have.  After writing hundreds of blog posts, I still have that brainstorming meeting with myself to determine content that is new and compelling.  To make your brainstorming session easier, I’ve compiled a list of seven types of blogs that you can write this month.  


Tutorials or how-to posts are a reader-favorite.  They break down how to accomplish a specific tasks that are relevant to your business.  If you write a blog tutorial, you give your clients a step-by-step instructional that will help them with your products, or something relevant to your business.  


We love reading lists.  There is a reason why 90% of the articles you find on Facebook are “Ten ways to make Christmas more magical” or “Seventeen times Kylie Jenner stole our hearts.”  Make a list of 5-10 reasons why someone needs your product or service, ways to use your product, or industry-related lists.  For example, if you are writing a blog for your automobile mechanic shop, write blog posts about driving, like “10 ways to drive more safe this winter” or “7 things you should keep in your car emergency kit.” (In case you haven’t noticed, this blog post is a list post.)


A blog post is a perfect place to put glowing reviews for your business.   We are a sucker for reviews.  If a place has positive reviews, we’re more likely to go there and buy their products than if they have negative reviews (or if they don’t have reviews at all).  

Pro’s and Con’s

Another blog post that is kind of like the list posts is the pro’s and con’s list.  Remember that your blog posts don’t have to only be about your product, they can be about your industry as well.  Compare solutions to common problems or popular products, and make sure that you determine a winner in the end.  


As humans, we love to read about other humans.  Make a post about the people who work for you, or interview well known industry professionals.  Record the interview and type it up for your blog post.  

FAQ Post

I bet that there are a bunch of questions that you get all the time.  While you may have an FAQ section on your website, it probably isn’t as inclusive as it could be.  Post a question and answer blog entry, and at the end, allow readers to comment if they have any additional questions.


A sure way to make sure people read your blog is to run a contest on social media, and put the details in a blog post.  Give away a popular product or service, or give away company swag.