Facebook, Google and SkypeFirst Off…

I started watching the Lost tv series. I know, I’m probably the last person in America that hasn’t, until now, even seen one episode. Well, I now know what all the buzz was about. I’m addicted. I’m through the 5th episode of season 4- and I’m loving it.  I’m still a little confused by some of the characters and identifying who is truly good and bad, but I have refrained from doing a quick Google search to find all the answers. Don’t you dare spoil it for me! This is a personal journey for me, into the hearts and pasts of these lost souls (this is sad…it really is).

With island drama on the mind- a recent rumor about Facebook, Google and Skype has reminded me of the love triangle going on with Kate, Sawyer and Jack. Let me explain…

The Situation

Reuters just reported that Facebook and Google are currently in talks with Skype for a buyout or potential joint venture.  Talks are early, and may all be just another juicy rumor, lapped up by a hungry tech industry, already hyper-susceptible (is that a legit phrase?) to any scrap thrown out by Facebook or Google.  A quick look at the players adds to the drama.

The Players

Kate: Super hot girl, with lots of potential, but a damaged past- being chased by Sawyer and Jack. Skype has been through a lot over the past several years, from being purchased by eBay (I never got this) then sold off when a integration never came to fruition. They have been around the tech-block.

Sawyer: Exciting, like-able but sometimes people have a hard time trusting him. Facebook has come on the scene as a HUGE internet player, for better or worst, they are the front door to many people’s internet experience.

Jack: Super smart, loaded with cash, tries to do the right thing and a little dorky. Google isn’t suave with the ladies, they just go about their business- making loads of cash while delivering a quality service.

How Will This Play Out?

Both Google and Facebook may be able to utilize a face-to-face communication technology such as Skype to add depth to their current services. However, Facebook seems like the better marriage- because they get people. Google doesn’t. They get engineers (who are technically people, I suppose) but not everyday social beings. Seeing people’s face while using Facebook just feels like a better fit. Sorry Jack, the girls dig danger and you’re the nice guy- I’m afraid you’ll be out on this one.


Will any of these rumors turn into anything real? Who would be a better match for Skype, Google or Facebook? Let us know what you think.