Tailoring Social Media to Your Audience

Digital marketing concept with hand typing on a keyboard

How many hours a week would you say you spend on social media? Between the posts, the videos, the pictures, the threads, the polls, and the updates, there is marketing. For those who spend a lot of time curating their online presence (social media is, first and foremost, a platform to market yourself to the world), the B2C reach of corporations to their consumer base may feel completely natural at this point; scrolling past advertisements may be as inherent to life on the live feed as inhaling in order to breathe﹘its mundanity becomes second nature; white noise. 

That isn’t to say that social ads are ineffective. On the contrary, more budget is being allocated, spent, and recouped each year on the various social platforms that to invest only marginally in social media marketing is to leave a lot of money on the table. But in order to rise above the monotonous din of advertisements, one must have not only an acute understanding of their own brand but also of their core consumer demographic.

The Future of Digital Marketing Is Social

At its core, the internet is simply multiple computers connected to one another, communicating, requesting data, and sharing information. While the worth of such a platform to conduct business is beyond measure, the internet as a social construct is what puts the whole world in our hands, so to speak. Let’s take a moment to look at the data as it concerns the growth of social media usage in general:

  • There are nearly 4 billion people with social media accounts in the world. That’s nearly half of the population of the planet.
  • Social media use is strong among all demographics. More than 80% of people aged 18-50 are daily users, over 70% for people aged 50-64, and over 45% for people aged 65 and older.
  • The average person spends nearly 3 hours a day on social media. This accounts for nearly $650 billion of revenue lost annually due to distracted workers.
  • Over half of social media users﹘over 54%﹘use their social platforms to research products.

As far as social media is concerned, the numbers are certainly there; the user base is growing, as are the opportunities for a business to experience major growth. Companies that are able to reach more people with better-targeted ads will harvest big dividends from very rich soil.  

Gravitate One Makes Social Marketing Work

Capitalizing on the possibilities that social media affords is in many ways like working in a laboratory﹘you make an educated guess on how an ad or an organic post will play with a certain demographic and then you use the resulting analytics to fine-tune the message and the reach. At Gravitate One, we streamline this process by helping our clients understand just who exactly their target audience is and how they’ll find their products. We accomplish this by:

  • Creating a comprehensive client persona: If you could personify the total amalgam of your clients’ qualities into one overarching example and truly get to know that person, you will have an easier time reaching them through targeted ads and boosted posts. Gravitate is more proficient at this exercise than virtually any other Utah-based marketing firm.
  • Identifying the root value of your product: Good marketing is being able to say a lot with a little and never is that more important than on social media. How can you sell something that you don’t know well enough to give an elevator pitch on? Understanding that every post, every Tweet, every Instagram story is a chance to tell a story, we identify specifically the “problem” that your product or service is meant to solve and communicate that story to the client.
  • Working in tandem with SEO: At the end of the day, digital marketing succeeds when your clients search about a question and your business comes up as the answer. We work closely with our in-house SEO and content teams to make sure that your social campaigns aren’t working harder than they need to be. By coinciding your social media messages with keywords and phrases, you will see that far more people are finding you on their own.

Social media advertising isn’t just a great way to reach your audience﹘when done well, it’s a self-perpetuating form of marketing. Studies show that over 70% of people who have a positive experience with a company or brand on social media will share that brand with their friends and families. If you’re curious how you can improve your digital marketing in the social space, come in for a consultation and Gravitate One will help elevate your brand to all new heights.