The Facebook Tools of an Advertiser

Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool for many businesses. It’s free to set up a business page and begin posting but if you want to make a real impact Facebook advertising is a terrific option. Facebook is the largest social network in the world with a user base that continues to grow year after year. It has made it possible for users to share the details of their personal lives with as many who will listen. Many argue about how the ability to share and consume those details via social networks is a good or bad thing but from a marketers point of view it creates a fantastic opportunity.

With every new detail the user shares about who they are and what they’re interests are, the job of an advertiser become easier. Facebook has an amazing ability to collect data on their users based upon what they post, like, share, and view. For example, this last summer I became interested in trail running. I began talking about it in my posts. I liked pages about trail running and viewed content surrounding it. Now my news feed shows me ads for trail running shoes, running accessories, and upcoming local races. Facebook advertisers have the ability to target their audience with more precision than ever based on interests, demographics, income, household, you name it and Facebook can make a pretty darn good assumption about where you fit in.

If you’re interested in learning more about the programs Facebook has to offer and how to work them check out this article from It shares how to use a tool called Power Editor.

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