When you think of a graphic designer, do you just imagine someone who helps you create a clever logo for your brand? If so, you might be surprised to discover there is a whole lot more they can do.

Great Graphic Design Can Boost Rankings

With so many user-friendly apps and programs available to businesses, it’s tempting to consider designing some of your own branding yourself. What could go wrong? After all, there are templates you can just fill in with your own text and images to customize your material, whether it’s going online or being printed.

Well, there’s more to great graphic design than templates. An experienced graphic designer can create consistency throughout your entire brand, and so much more.

The Importance of Utah Search Engine Optimization

What does it mean to create content for search engine optimization (also known as SEO)? There are certain keywords and/or key phrases that can help you show up on search results when potential customers look online for products or services. This means you want your website, product listings, photos and social media to include specific words to drive traffic to you. With the right local SEO, you can stand out amongst competitors.

How Does Graphic Design Impact SEO?

With great graphic design, you can incorporate not only fonts, colors and images that represent your brand into your content, but the right keywords and phrases. You’ll have not only a fast, aesthetically pleasing website but an efficient one. Working with the right Utah search engine optimization team and a graphic designer merges the beauty of design with the function of keywords to potentially boost your sales.

How Great Graphic Design Can Improve Sales

We’ve already mentioned having consistency within your branding, but let’s take a look at why that’s important, and other ways great graphic design can boost sales.

  • Branding Consistency – When you think of some companies, can you immediately imagine what their font looks like? For example, picture the font used by Disney or the Harry Potter franchise. What company comes to mind when you think of an apple with a bite taken out of it? Over the years, these brands may evolve and grow, but their branding makes them memorable. That’s the goal with your business as well; find the font, colors and imagery that represent your brand and stick with it. This will allow your customers to recognize you no matter where they come across your content. The right graphic designer will create consistency and unity between all your platforms, including:
    • Web Site
    • Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and more
    • Print Media
  • Web Page Design – You’ve probably had experience with a web page that doesn’t load quickly, or that works poorly on a mobile device. It’s frustrating not being able to navigate a site and may drive you away as a potential customer. No one wants to waste their time on a site that doesn’t feel intuitive to the user. If you want to stand out in Utah web design, you need a graphic designer. They will ensure the content you present on your website not only looks amazing but performs well, too. A good designer will be aware of things such as the following:
    • Correct image sizes, which can help your site work quickly and correctly on both desktop and mobile devices.
    • Graphics that include keywords and phrases, not just in the text itself but in alt tags as well.

Determining Local SEO

You know the importance of local SEO use, but how do you determine what applies to your brand? There are both free and paid services available to help you narrow down keywords and phrases that will help boost your sales. You can analyze what people in your area are searching for in relation to the goods and/or services you offer and include those keywords in your content. You can also analyze your site to see what has driven people to your webpage, blog or listings online, and build on those words/phrases. Whether your graphic designer works with your SEO team or not, s/he should be aware of the words you want to use within your brand.

Implementing well-researched Utah search engine optimization and great graphic design should help drive new customers to your brand, and retain the ones you have. They’ll know what to expect from you and will recognize you when you pop up during their online searches. Don’t go it alone; invest in a designer.