There was a great post about how to increase engagement on Google Plus on Social Media Examiner the other day. It offers five tips to help marketers improve their marketing efforts. I wanted to take a few minutes to discuss some of the points I found intriguing in the article.

Do you want to increase the engagement of your posts on Google Plus? Author Ben Fisher says there’s a formula to a good post and encourages readers to follow it precisely.

  1. The title of the post should be no more than 40 characters long, place asterisks at the beginning and end of the post to bold the text.
  2. Write a summary of the post with a length of about 159 characters long. Keep the length to about 3 lines long if it’s longer the text of the post will be cut off and the reader will have to click the “read more” link.
  3. Place a link to the destination post if you’re using a video or image.
  4. Next, in your brand’s voice, add some commentary and ask a question or a call to action to encourage engagement.
  5. Lastly, add three to five hash tags to improve the discovery of the post in google search.

As we have implemented this formula for our clients we have seen a definite increase in engagement. The posts look professional and enticing to interact with.

Have you created a posting formula for your own company? Have you tried using this one? What were the results?