Your website is often the first thing your customers or clients come across. If you want them to choose you, you need to have a user-friendly and appealing website. While creating a compelling website can be a difficult task, here are a few simplified principles to help you on your way:

Avoid too many pictures

When developing a website, it can be quite tempting to stuff every image of your product, your team, your building, and your logo on the home page. You have exciting things to share with your customers, but this isn’t the way to do it. Every image tells a story, but if you have too many images your customer can’t focus on any of them. The result is an unfulfilling website experience and a lost opportunity. 

Instead of cramming images and text together, think of a single unifying theme for each page. Stay true to that theme, and only chose images and content that work together to further the purpose of that page. 

Craft good content

While the visuals of a website matter, your content is just as important. Customers might really like the look of your page, but if they don’t understand the point of it, they find too many errors, or the content is off message, they aren’t likely to stick around. Put time into your content. Craft your words to really focus on your product or service. Create an experience for your customers and connect to them. 

Guide the eye

This goes hand in hand with keeping your page simple. You can use images, layout, and text to direct your customer’s eyes and help them have a seamless viewing experience. Use images to funnel attention to content, and use that content to persuade your customers that your product is exactly what they need. 

Keep color schemes simple

Too many colors are like too many pictures, the viewer can be easily confused or overwhelmed. While color is vital to a website, it should be treated with care. Instead of having a different color for each page and font, stick to two or three colors. Choose one color for your background, another for font, and another for headings. Use a color palette generator to pick hues that blend well together. This will keep your website legible and easy to navigate. 

If you need more help with this, contact us at Gravitate Online. We can help you get the website that your product deserves.