We live in a day and age where everything is fast and instant. We scroll and scroll, we move from one thing to the other, and our minds are constantly searching for what’s next. In such a fast-paced world as ours, creating content that will make people slow down and read what you have to say can be a bit overwhelming. 

Creating content that drives traffic isn’t as complicated as you might think, and there are some tried and true strategies that will help you create more engagement. But, before we dive into those, let’s touch on something for you to keep in mind: 

Be Authentic, Passionate, and Creative 

Because there is so much data out in there in the form of blogs and social media, people are starting to catch on when something isn’t as it seems. Furthermore, people know when someone isn’t being real; the content they create isn’t original and lacks creativity and vision. 

Whatever the content is that you want to bring to the world, make sure it is elegantly and uniquely you. Be creative and passionate about what you have to offer. People love authenticity, as well as something fresh and out of the ordinary. By simply being you and showing your passion, you will create content that people will want to engage in and share with others. 

Now, let’s dive into some strategies of what type of content creates more traffic. Engaging and Consistent Content 

In order to build a following, you need to be consistent with the content you create. Whether that’s social media, blogging, email newsletters, or a combination of these, it is important to be consistent. 

People will start to look forward and expects your posts if you make them regularly. Balance is vital to this, as if you post too much you might become annoying. On the other hand, if you post too little people will not notice you as much.

Include A Call To Action 

To create more engagement in your posts, try to include a call to action (CTA) as much as possible. These are usually at the end of your posts/blogs and they encourage the reader to comment, share, and/or try your product/service. 

Types of Blogs That Create More Traffic 

Having a blog on your website is one of the best ways to utilize SEO and create more traffic. If you don’t have a blog, then the first thing you need to do is to start one. That being said, here are types of blogs that will be sure to capture more views. 

How-to Blogs 

People love to learn and understand more about what they’re interested in. How-to posts help people do things on their own (which we all love) and will encourage them to share the blog with others. 

List Blogs 

List blogs are posts that start with a number. For example, “7 of the Best Dog Breeds to Own if You Live in the City.” This prepares the reader for how much content to expect and encourages more clicks. 

Personal Success Stories 

Almost everyone loves personal stories, and it makes your content feel more genuine and real. Sharing a personal success story will make your readers feel closer to you. It will also inspire, encourage, and or move them – making them want to share it with others. 

Product Releases 

This type of blog is more fitting for businesses that sell products. If you’re releasing something new, make it a big deal! Spread the news to your followers with a blog/post that tells them everything they need to know about the product and why they would love to have it.

Expert Q&A 

This is a fun, but tricky one. This type of blog is basically an interview with an expert in your niche. It will take courage to reach out to those you and your followers admire, but the blog you create will be sure to have a high viewer rate. 

Other Types of Content That Creates More Traffic 

A blog is just one way to gain more traffic for your website, and certainly shouldn’t be the only tool used. In fact, to gain more traffic, it is best to have a variety of content. That way you are creating content that appeals to a variety of people. 

Here are some other things to try to create more traffic: 

  • Videos 
  • Start a podcast 
  • Use Infographics 
  • Use high-quality, capturing photos 
  • Memes (funny and popular) 

With these tools and ideas for you to try, you might be surprised at how quickly your posts are shared and engaged with. If not, don’t be discouraged, and make sure to remember this: gaining more traffic and shares will take time, dedication, and patience. It will also require you to try new things, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and see what you create!