In the world of digital marketing, one universal truth is revealing itself to be more important than practically all else: content marketing is the single most important way to get your company noticed on the internet. The internet of a decade ago, or even 5 years ago, is gone. Everything about the way that the internet operates and how audiences are found is now dictated, for the most part, by one simple truth: how many eyeballs can your content attract. Here are some reasons why content marketing is the future of the internet…

Search engine algorithms are changing

Today, the primary way that many people still interact with the internet is through browsers and search engines. Getting yourself recognized on Google is the primary online marketing goal of most companies. Back in the day, this used to be a lot more mathematical. Simply mentioning a topic enough times was probably going to garner you more attention.

However, as technology becomes better at matching up results with people’s needs, the reality is that Google is changing their algorithm and getting smarter about the content that it is bringing to people. This is pretty much a dagger to the heart of traditional SEO methods, which is actually a good thing. This forces marketing companies to actually generate quality content that truly fulfills the needs of consumers, instead of spending time trying to trick the algorithm.

Social media is becoming an even larger influence

The percentage of internet usage that is dedicated to social media is getting higher and higher. Social media will soon be the gateway through which most consumers interact with the companies and products that they use. This is particularly true for younger consumers, who are becoming a larger and larger share of the internet market.

Content generation is the primary way with which you can get these consumers to interact with your brand on social media. It’s all a game of who can get the most eyes on their pages and posts, and content is the magnet you use to do that.