One of the most satisfying aspects of creating content is seeing that content shared on social media.  The likes, retweets, and shares can be euphoric.  Our goal in creating blog content for our clients, is to write something that others will want to share.  But once the content is created, where are the best places to share it?

The easiest places to share this content are Facebook and Twitter, but as technology continues to evolve, more and more content landing places are popping up.  And as these sites become more popular, so can your content.

Here are a few places to consider:

Slideshare:  Turn your content into a slideshow and share the presentation here.  For a cool example, check out this slideshare presentation by When I Work.

Instagram:  Create a captivating image and include a link to your article or website in your bio.  This will be especially effective if your target audience is teens or young adults.

Stumble Upon:  If you are looking to increase your readership, this could be a great landing page for your content.  The website allows users to randomly “stumble” onto new content, and rank their findings.  If your content receives good rankings, it will appear in more random searches.

For more great ideas on places to share you content, check out this article on Search Engine Journal.