I love to bake.  I love experimenting with ingredients and tweaking little things to improve recipes.  And I love sharing the fruits of my labors with my coworkers and friends.  It’s great friendship insurance.

As I have worked with various recipes and experimented with different ingredients, there are a few ingredients that I know I can’t mess with.  If I am baking cookies, I know I can’t remove the flour, sugar, or butter.  If I did, they wouldn’t be cookies any more.  There are a lot of different recipes out there, and the ratios for ingredients change accordingly…but you need those three things.

Likewise, there are a lot of different components to a get you a great online presence.  And as you talk to different experts they will probably all have slightly different opinions on what should be included for your success.  However, like cookies, there are a few ingredients that must be included for a successful campaign.  At Gravitate Online, we cater our approach specifically to you and your goals, but we still recognize the importance of these three things:

  • Website Architecture
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing

    Stoney deGeyter does a great job elaborating on each of these in this article on Search Engine Land.  Check it out to learn more.

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