When you are getting ready to run a new marketing campaign how can you find out what is going to be the most effective type of campaign? RESEARCH! Thats right, you can do a little bit of research to determine what type of campaign would work best if not both.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Traffic
    • This is key. It is very difficult to drive new leads/sales to your business if there aren’t very many people looking for it. When you are doing your research make sure you are looking at a variety of keywords and specific geolocations if that applies.
  • Trends
    • Analyze the trends for the industry. Is this something that people keep looking for, has the volume of searches increased or decreased over the last few years?
  • Impulse purchase vs planned purchase
    • This should  be evident by search volume. How ever you can do a market test via a survey if you think that the search volume isn’t conclusive. A very simple how long before you buy X do you think about it? Do you research it online before you make your purchase?


  • If you find that people aren’t looking online for your product and that it is more of an impulse then a planned one. Branding your business might be something you would want to look into to. You can do that though many means. Google Display network, Facebook, Twitter, TV, Radio.

Overall before you run any type of campaign make sure that the goal correlates with the ability of the campaign.