5 Tips for Surviving a Snow Day

Seeing as it’s been a wild weather day here in Utah we figured it was a good time to share a few tips on how to survive a Snow Day.

Stay Up on the Weather

Every night before work I try and remember to check the weather and get an idea of what I should expect for the next day. That way I know if I need to wake up early and prepare for the wicked weather the next day. Also, before I go to bed I look over my schedule for the next day and make sure I’m ready for any meetings or projects that are ahead. You can be a nice co-worker and make sure to alert others of the coming storm as well.

Get Up Early

I try and set my alarm about 30 minutes earlier than normal so I can shovel the walk, clear off, warm up, and shovel around my vehicle so that way I can get out easier and be warm when I’m ready to go. I would suggest you do the same if at all possible. The earlier you get up the better chance you have of making a good plan for the day and being as safe and stress free as possible.

Call In

For safety purposes you’re going to want to update your work on where you are and what time you’re leaving. That way they know about when to expect you and when to worry if you don’t show up by a certain time. Another helpful thing is to tell someone in your family or a close friend what time you leave and then notify them when you get to work. This gives you a greater network of people to check in on you and to help you in case you do get in a jam or stuck on the side of the road somewhere. If it looks really bad it’s worth checking with your boss and just seeing if you can work from home.

Take It Easy

If you do end up needing to go into work then while driving always be alert. There is no need to use your phone other than to give you directions to the fastest/safest roads. So please keep your phone in your pocket and have it notify you when to turn because a distracted driver is a danger to everyone on the road. Another obvious one but needs to be mentioned is to keep your eyes on the road. Don’t be turning the radio station or trying to text people. Trust me, it can wait. Lastly, don’t try and make a driving maneuver you’re not comfortable with just to save a little time. Stay calm and go with the flow of traffic. You’ll get there and if you end up being a little late I’m sure your manager will understand. It is true what they say especially in this case: “Safety should always come first”.

Use Technology To Your Advantage

This has already been mentioned but I wanted to go in a little more detail here. Be sure to check for the best routes before you get in the car and drive off. See how long the estimated travel time is and be prepared for it to change. Accidents happen and roads get blocked so we just need to be ready for whatever. You can also follow relevant twitter accounts to keep you updated on what roads are closed and the safest way to travel. I also suggest making sure your phone is charged so you can listen to your favorite podcast or setup your favorite music playlist to help the time go by and make the trip more enjoyable.

All and all just try and give yourself plenty of time to get there and maybe even make yourself a cup of hot chocolate or coffee so you can at least have a smile on your face while you’re slowly trudging along to work. Best of luck and stay safe out there.