One of the best things we could all do more of on our social media platforms is show off some personality and the culture. Too often do we get in the habit of syndicating content from third party sources. There’s no shortage of personality and culture here at Gravitate Online. We have people from all different backgrounds hobbies and interests.

For instance, every Friday the office gathers around the ping pong table to have lunch. We each take a turn leading the lunch whether it’s having a debate topic, playing a game etc. Today Darci, one of our writers, lead us in a session of show and tell. Remember show and tell? Here we had the opportunity learn about unknown skills, talents and scars from recent surgeries.

If you have a business but are unsure what to post about on your Facebook page or other platforms let people get to know the people behind the scenes. After all isn’t social media supposed to be all about being social and making connections.
Here’s some highlight video from our show and tell. Hope you enjoy!