We Get it You’re a Business

Imagine yourself at a social gathering, let’s say it’s a dinner party. Everyone invited has arrived, dinner has been served and your having the time of your life. There is one problem. Bill just showed up. He’s new to the group and super excited about his new business. In fact that’s all he talks about. Every conversation you’ve had with him always seems to turn toward some aspect of his business. As the party progresses you observed Bill has been alienated from the other party goers. What he doesn’t realize is he has done this to himself. He’s broken the first principle of accepted social behavior. Nobody likes to be around a person who constantly talks about themselves.

This social norm easily crosses over to the world of social media and it’s relationship to business pages. Businesses that constantly try to sell their product and constantly point the conversation toward themselves 100% of the time are not likely to succeed. They should strive to point the conversation outward toward fans and friends. Ask questions and engage. Help their fans solve problems. Inspire them to be better than they were yesterday. Those who do this are likely to find more people are willing converse, trust, and eventually do business.

Bottom line let’s remember to be social on social media.