If you’re looking for some great tips on how to improve your social media presence take a look at Social Media Examiner. They’re a great resource for finding out the latest trends and tactics for winning with social media. Today they posted an insightful article entitled “How to Make the Most of Facebook Mobile Ads” written by Alex Houg. It shares how important mobile ads are in your arsenal of marketing tools.

The article shared how mobile ads on Facebook are used as an assist to a conversion later completed on a desktop computer. If we stop to think about that concept it makes total sense. Generally people access the web using a mobile device whether its waiting in line at the grocery store, sitting on the bus, or a similar situations. During these times it’s unlikely people are in the mindset to think about making a purchase and pulling out the credit card in a public space. It’s in these moments the user becomes aware of a cool product, deal, or promotion and makes the purchase at home with a desktop computer in the privacy of their home.

Later in the article Alex shows us how Facebook tracks these cross device conversions. So if you’re trudging through the valley of Facebook ads and looking for a light to follow. I’d encourage you to check out this article and subscribe to Social Media Examiner.

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