Display Advertising: $50 Billion by 2015?

Less than a year ago Google predicted the future of Display Ads online. They made 7 specific predictions about it’s growth and potential in a IAB MIXX keynote address.

What is Display Advertising?

In the spirit of engaging ads,  I’ve included Google’s short intro video to do the talking:

Watching this market continue to grow at a healthy pace, and getting questions from our clients about it’s effectiveness, I wanted to include a video showing the late 2010 keynote itself. I’ve included a summary of their predictions as well.

Google’s 7 Predictions for Display Advertising by 2015:

1)  50 percent of ad campaigns will include video that is purchased on a cost-per-view basis.

2)  50 percent of ads will be purchased with real-time-bidding (RTB) technology.

3)  The number one screen through which users will engage with an advertisers’ digital brand will be the mobile phone.

4)  Five other metrics will mean more to advertisers than the “click”. Awareness, recall and other metrics will become more important than just the user’s clicking on an ad.

5) 75 percent of ads on the web will be “social” across dozens of formats and sites. Adding “comment” like features, for example, just like news articles do today.

6)  50 percent of brand-building ad campaigns will include Rich Media Formats.

7)  Display advertising is going to be a $50 billion industry, currently around $12-13 billion in the US.

Feedback: Which of these is most likely to come to pass? Which will be a stretch?