Chrome over FirefoxAlthough I use Safari on my Mac Book Air, I’ve been a loyal Firefox user on my PC laptop. I’ve looked at switching to Chrome for over a year, but the Firefox extensions that I love have kept me hooked. Well, that has changed with my favorite Firefox plug in, Firebug, losing it’s lead programmer. John Barton is joining Google’s Chrome team- and I’m going with him in the switch.

Firebug has long been my favorite browser de-bugging tool. It has not been able to keep up with the changes made to Firefox, as Firefox tries to keep up with a much more competitive browser landscape. Chrome has been stealing Firefox market share as the premium IE alternative. I posted a blog reviewing my favorite ways to view and analyze source code. Although I love the competition between browsers, I’m going to miss the lovable Firefox, but I just don’t think the development community can keep up with the beef that Google is putting into Chrome- especially in the mobile and soon to be emerging ‘Chrome Book’ space. I wish Firefox luck and I leave them with fond memories, and I’ll send out a letter of recommendation if they request one.

Feedback: How many of you use Chrome vs. Firefox? Are there any extensions that are keeping you with Firefox over Chrome? Let us know.