FOR-EV-ER: The Continuous Cycle of Online Marketing

One of my favorite quotes is by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.  He said, “The work never is done while the power to work remains.”  In the world of online marketing, if we are doing our jobs correctly, there will always be a job to do.  Sometimes people view online marketing as a check list, assuming that as soon as they accomplish everything on the list, they will be set with a solid online presence.  However, a good online marketing campaign is a continuous cycle, with each step being revisited and revised to ensure continued success.

In an article on Search Engine Land, Andrew Dennis goes through the steps of an online marketing campaign, and shows how these should be cyclical in nature.  The following bullet points are taken from his article:
  • Build a user-friendly website. Sites need to be regularly updated and often need redesigns to meet audience expectations and demands.
  • Optimize your technical and on-page SEO. On-page SEO factors require constant upkeep and ongoing management due to various changes and updates to Google’s algorithm.
  • Ensure your site is not currently being penalized. Keep an eye on traffic drops that could indicate potential penalties.
  • Perform market research. Audience behavior, competition, and market trends all typically change over time.
  • Create compelling and valuable content. Fresh content must be perpetually created, and older content updated.

He also elaborates on the importance of link building, and how link building should come last after these steps have taken place.  As with the rest of the cycle, it should be a continuous process and revisited each month for optimal success.

We recognize the importance of a continuous, sustainable plan for each of our clients’ success, and are committed to keep on working while our power to work remains.