We love The Office around here, and often compare our own office dynamics to characters on that show.  One of our favorites is the episode where Michael is so set on relying on the GPS on his phone, that he drives straight into Lake Scranton.

We laugh, but I think there are times when we are all so dependent on the technology in our hand, that we forget to rely on our own common sense.  I think the same sentiment also applies to tips, tricks, and industry secrets.  We are constantly reading all the right and wrong ways to approach things, that we sometimes forget to use our own heads.

I was recently having a conversation with a coworker about some conflicting advice I had been reading about link building.  When I asked him for advice, he reminded me that the most important thing was to follow my gut.  There will be times when some advice may be right, and other times when it may be wrong.  How do you know the difference?  Follow your gut!