One of the best parts of the holiday season is getting together with friends and family enjoying great food and games. It’s our tradition, like most companies, to have an office Christmas party and this year we decided to something a little different to accommodate the growth we’ve experienced. In past years we’ve been able to go to some fantastic restaurants around the valley like Carver’s Steakhouse and La Jolla Groves. We found it’s hard to socialize with everyone in venues like these because the size of our group. With more space at our new office here in Bluffdale we thought it would be an exciting change of pace to try and in-house Christmas celebration.


With the rise in popularity of the “food truck” these past couple of years we thought it would be appropriate to partake in the convenience and tastiness of the trend. We had a truck come out and serve us from their delicious menu of gourmet sliders and fries. For dessert we had freshly made donuts provided to us by two of the most manly men you’ll ever meet. There were no glerps and glorps of hungry tummies to be heard after eating such a delicious meal. It was great experience and we would all definitely recommend having a food truck cater your next party.


We have a lot of personality here at the office and over the course of a year a lot of things get said that are just down right funny. We made it a point to document funny quotes and happenings that went on over the course of the year and compiled them into a slideshow presentation. It provides an opportunity to fondly look back on the year and remember how funny everyone is and the relationships that were strengthened. It takes some work during the year but it’s is a great way to lighten the mood and spread good feelings.

Give a Gift

We love to do the classic white elephant gift exchange. There’s something about the thrill of opening a gift that you have know idea what it could be and the opportunity of stealing a gift you’ve had your eye on. After all there’s nothing that brings in the spirit of Christmas more than stealing from your neighbor. :) jk

Ending on a Social a Social Note

One of the best things about having our party at our own office is the low key tone of the night. We’re able to come and go as we please. Move and talk with whom ever we would like and not feel awkward about it. After eating, watching our slideshow, and having a gift exchange it was nice just to sit back and relax with friends.

We hope you’re able to enjoy the holiday season as much as we have and that the new year brings you peace and prosperity.