Reviews for Christmas

Christmas is coming in just a few days. Trees and lights are up, presents are being wrapped and the children’s Christmas orders are being filled. What is on your businesses Christmas list? This time of year I have received emails from dozens of different companies that I haven’t been to for months, and even forgot I visited. With promotions, donations, well wishing and so much more. If you have a company here are a few quick ideas to get some reviews through the Christmas season; and it may not take too much extra effort.

  1. If you make a habit of sending a holiday email consider sharing a link and asking for your customers to take a minute to leave a review for you. Sometimes asking is all it takes to get those reviews rolling in.
  2. Maybe you hand out small gifts to clients. Add a note to it asking if they would take some time out of their holiday fun to write a grateful review for you.
  3. Be sure to leave reviews for the companies you frequent. If you leave a review for someone they might do the same when they have use your services.

These may not be game changers, but a lot of small efforts, through many channels can make all of your holiday dreams come true. If you have any more ideas I didn’t mention feel free to list them in the comments below.

Happy Holidays everyone!