Hootsuite Setting Up Streams and Tabs

Hootsuite is a powerful social media management tool for businesses of any size or agency. As an agency we manage multiple social accounts for multiple clients. One of the great challenges of managing so many accounts is keeping tabs on conversations and keeping posts organized. Hootsuite’s dashboard allows us to organize all profiles in one place allowing us to easily flip through profiles quickly. The way it does this is via customizable tabs and a stream system.

Setting this up is easy and only takes a minute or two per client. In the top left corner of the Hootsuite’s dashboard there’s a button that says create new tab. Click the button and a new tab will appear above the window. Click on the tab and name it. As an agency we have chosen to name each tab after a company name. If you’re not an agency and just have one business to manage you can create a tab for each social network you utilize. Once your tabs are created the next step is to add streams. These share specific information about a profile. For example, one stream could be specifically about your Facebook wall, another could be messages received from your audience on Facebook. Like setting up your tabs, streams just as easy. Click a tab and in the window that appears you will see a column that says add stream. After clicking you will be asked what social profile your stream is coming from and what type of stream you would like to set up.

Setting up tabs and streams is easy and is a great tool to help your social media managing experience seamless. Over the coming weeks and months I hope to share more about Hootsuite’s amazing offerings.

Your friend,