One of the main pillars of SEO is link building. The whole point of social media business accounts is brand exposure. Once someone visits your website or Facebook page, they want to find something worth their time, or they are out of there. All of this hinges on creative, shareable content. This is hardly a groundbreaking concept, but it’s worth revisiting every so often. And by that I mean it should be revisited so often that it’s like that time your mother in law came and visited so long her mail started showing up in your mailbox.

Full mail box

Honey, when did we subscribe to Cat Fancy magazine?

Here is an example: about a year ago I found a sweet article on Gizmodo about secret passageways and hidden rooms. I went ahead and pinned one of the images because I really need a secret passageway and hidden room in my home. (You know, so the kids will quit touching all my stuff!) That pin has been repinned from my board at least once a week ever since. Plus, I’m pretty sure each of those repins has been repinned. There’s no telling how many people have read that article or at least seen Gizmodo’s branding on a cool picture of a secret door, all because that content was cool enough that I wanted to share it.

Screenshot of Pinterest boards

Behold my loyal followers!

That is the best online marketing strategy of all: make your brand/service/product something that people care about. Find something so interesting that people want to tell their friends. If you can do that, the link building, social reach traffic and sales will practically take care of themselves.