Jump-Starting Stagnant Marketing

Digital marketing strategy asset

Marketing is like relationships: firstly, new initiatives are exciting and have everyone on the project buzzed by the prospect of great potential; secondly, you want to declare to the world that your business is launching a new campaign, and has tons of awesome benefits;  thirdly, everyone who looks at it can tell if it’s working or not. Some marketing campaigns strike gold the first time and can carry a company on to its golden anniversary and beyond, while others require a bit more maintenance due to the volatile nature of the market. In some unfortunate cases, a marketing campaign can result in severe negative traction, convincing everyone how much better off the company would be if they never even started it.

In the age of digital marketing, there are seemingly more instances of these colossal mistakes that happen thanks to every campaign taking place on the biggest stage imaginable: the internet. Still, such a result usually comes from the swift and overwhelming negative feedback of the spectators and is mostly a rare occurrence. More common are the routine updates companies make to jumpstart an aging image.

Gravitate One Revitalizes Marketing

Just like a couple that renews their wedding vows or goes on a dream vacation, digital marketing campaigns sometimes need to spice things up to keep the relationship between the company and the customer feeling fresh. But what are the signs that it’s time to charge the chest paddles and jolt some life back into the brand? Below are a few signals to keep an eye out for when planning your long-term marketing strategies.

  • Your Current Campaign is Too Topical: One of the strategies employed by Utah marketing firms, among others, is to tune a product’s campaign to capitalize on current events. There are a number of reasons to do this, the biggest being that it is easy to ride the wave of public attention about something when it has reached its fever pitch. By its very nature, however, this can’t last forever. Super Bowl ads in June don’t make much sense, after all.
  • Your Services Have Changed/Expanded: A great reason to update your digital marketing campaign is to highlight new services or products. If you anticipate a number of products will be rolling out periodically over the next few years, changing your ads and keywords to optimize SEO around those things is not just good timing, it’s bedrock marketing behavior.
  • The Conversation Has Changed: One of the ways that Gravitate One helps clients revitalize their stagnant marketing strategies is to remain abreast of the conversation surrounding a product. So much about marketing is a dialogue that a company has with its customer base; they speak out on social media or by sending a letter, we speak back by addressing their issues in a new ad.
  • Conversions Have Dried Up: Even the best ad campaigns eventually stop producing leads. A good Utah marketing firm will be keeping tabs on all relevant data coming out of each search query and ad campaign. Cost per click, total conversions, impressions, etc. All are designed to let us know when the current strategy has had its day.
  • Your Budget Has Changed: At the end of the day, it’s all about dollars and cents. How much is going out; how much is coming in? If business is good and you can stand to spend more money, our digital marketing could reflect your product’s hot reputation in a new campaign. Likewise, if the money is getting thin, it may be time to explore what isn’t working.

There are numerous reasons why it may be time to change one’s marketing strategy. As experts in our field, Gravitate One is prepared to jumpstart your business in fresh and exciting ways, making new relationships with each new campaign.