Keyword Analysis requires a thorough process of, first, generating a large list of phrase ideas, and then refining the list to a workable group that will focus all SEO efforts. We utilize what we call the ‘Python Swallows the Rodent‘ approach. Basically, it outlines the process of gathering a few keyword ideas, then greatly increasing the list to include all possible money-making phrases and then using our tools and expertise to refine the list to create a final short list of phrases that will drive the right type of traffic to the site.

Several times during the process, we get the client involved, as they generally have a good feel for the keywords that make them the most money as well as an intuition for what their customers may be typing. However, we then take their feedback and leverage our tools and experience to refine the list- focusing on those that are achievable, and will bring the most qualified traffic. The video below overviews our strategy. Future tutorials will go into much more detail into how we actually carry out each phase of the process.