More Eyes in More Places

SEO is the heart and soul of our business. Organic search result rankings are one of the absolute best ways to find new customers and grow your bottom line. But if you really want eyeballs on your site, there’s so much more you can do. Starting with PPC.

Lots of eyeballs
Because right now they have nothing to look at.

So what can PPC do for you?

SEO takes a lot of time. PPC can start bringing in traffic almost immediately.

With PPC you can pick and choose what you show up for. And where you show up.

PPC doesn’t have much guess work. You have all the stats you need right in front of you. Once you learn how to interpret all that data (which, admittedly, can be pretty overwhelming) you can really dial things in.

But I think the most important thing PPC can do for you is improve your branding. How?

If you show up in organic listings, you are in great shape. But does that mean you shouldn’t have AdWords too? Imagine that you show up in organic AND paid results. Now imagine that you’re a local business and you show up in organic, paid and the map pack. That’s a lot of brand exposure!

With AdWords you get to pick exactly what shows up in your ad, which gives you extra control over your brand’s image. On top of that, AdWords extensions give you many opportunities to enhance your ad with phone numbers, reviews, links to pages and products and more.

These are just what you can do with search ads. Add on top of that display, remarketing, video, mobile and shopping ads, and you have a veritable branding machine!

So don’t think of PPC as a bandage while you start your SEO. Think of it as an important piece of the whole online marketing puzzle. An opportunity to put yourself in front of more eyes in more places.