Official Drink of SEOEvery day, at Gravitate Online, we make slow pilgrimage to the local Maverik convenience store for our artificial energy supplement. Today, I’ve landed upon the motherload! Here is the recipe for this glorious fountain nectar from the gods:

:: 2 Parts Mt. Dew Cod Red

:: 3 Parts Diet Mt. Dew

I’ve tried many variations of Diet Dr. Pepper, Sierra Mist, Mt. Dew and even Gatoraid, but this is by far my favorite. rocket popAs you can see, when putting the Code Red in first, you create this festive display of red and yellow.  I don’t know what awful preservatives are included in this heavenly concoction that prevent the two from mixing, but it adds that special touch to the drink that has put it over-the-top, and made it the current 2011 champion and Official Drink of SEO. With the added flair of the blue Maverik logo- it resembles the Rocket Pop from our childhood, adding to it’s all around awesomeness.

I dare anyone else to come up with a better mixture. If you’ve got something, by all means, please share. Send a picture and I’ll feature it.

Bottoms Up!