PPC – What It Is and Why It’s Important

PPC graphic on tablet

Some online marketing strategies include PPC – Pay Per Click campaigns. Brands utilize PPC in order to promote a link so it will appear at the top of a search results page. Many of us, as users of the Internet, are inclined to choose one of the first results that come up when we Google something. We see it as an authority on the subject we’re Googling. While that may be true, sometimes that top spot comes at a price.

PPC Management

As a business, how do you decide what you’re willing to spend in order to rank on the first page of query results? Only the highest bidders get top billing, so to speak, and the rate they pay is contingent upon how many clicks the link receives. The fewer the clicks, the more it costs you as a business.

Another form of a PPC campaign is sponsored ads that show up in Internet users’ feeds, whether while scrolling Instagram or watching YouTube videos.

If you’re not sure how to add PPC into your marketing strategy or how to manage it, turn to Utah’s own Gravitate One for help.

Getting the Most Out of Your Investment

Investing in your business’s marketing strategy should always pay off. Reaching a wider audience should result in more sales, and paying to show up in search results should have similar benefits.

However, it’s important that your business only comes up in search results when relevant; what good does it do to promote your Utah-based business for cleaning services to people outside the state? Your PPC campaign needs to have certain parameters set to ensure you’re targeting the right demographic.

Perfecting PPC management may not be a realistic goal, but optimizing PPC management is. That’s where Gravitate comes into play.

What’s Involved in PPC Optimization

You may be familiar with the PPC results that show up when you Google something, but do you know why you see the results you do? It’s a combination of factors, including those listed below.

Choose a Channel

We may sound like a broken record, but choosing the right channel for PPC is imperative, just as it’s important to focus on your best-performing social media channel for marketing. Gravitate can help you choose the right platform for your PPC campaign, whether it’s an affiliate network, Google AdWords, or Bing Ads.

Keyword Analysis

Targeted keyword analysis can help you uncover what words are being used to search for results related to your business. You can then use those words to optimize your PPC management strategy so you’re showing up amidst the competition.

Eliminate “Negative Matches”

If you only ship locally, you don’t want to pay to have your business show up for queries about your product in another state. Similarly, if you offer services that are localized, such as dining, lawn care, or construction, it makes sense to eliminate negative matches. Otherwise, you’re spending money to have your business advertised to customers who can’t make use of your product or service. 

Ongoing Data Analysis

This may sound vague, but it means that your strategy should be open to adapting based on current data. Do you want to keep trying to compete against the same business for the exact same search queries, or should you pivot and try to capture results for different keywords? What is the overall reach your PPC is getting and is it worth the expense?

Benefits of PPC

Instead of waiting months for organic online growth, PPC allows you to be seen by Internet queries almost immediately. When done well, PPC campaigns can help you outrank the competition on search result pages while you’re still building a social media presence or robust blog that shows you’re an authority on your product or service.

Other benefits of PPC include:

  • Data to analyze
  • Flexible strategy for any budget
  • Increased revenue
  • Works well with other marketing efforts

Should You Hire PPC Management?

Any business can benefit from having a marketing company or an individual focus on PPC management. If you don’t have the power of an in-house marketing team, or you’re a relatively new business, it’s probably worth it to have someone help you develop a strategy for PPC. Since the more clicks your PPC gets, the smaller the fee per click, proper optimization can practically pay for itself when done right.

Enlist the Help of Gravitate One

Whether you’re based in Utah or not, Gravitate can help you strategize your marketing efforts for optimal results.