A Prime Premium Content Primer

The internet is full of really boring information. Those that can take this content and turn it into compelling, digestible bites of engaging material deserve links and any of the viral kudos that come their way. When I find such content online I love to share it.

The example I’ve included below is one of my favorite types of premium content. The artist has taken an otherwise boring audio lecture and turned it into an engrossing, and quite helpful video. He has turned the concepts described in the lecture into creative cartoons that illustrate and bring to life the principles being discussed. The talent on display is quite impressive, but so is the sheer simplicity- after all, it’s just black and white cartoon images. Although clever and imaginative, it’s nothing with a lot of flash. The creative approach isn’t just adding flair, it’s actually adding value to the lecture, as it allows us to visualize what the speaker is trying to say.

The lecture is interesting in and of itself, but the technique and concept is what I’m really highlighting. It makes me ask myself…how can we re-purpose information that is available in abundance, online, and turn it into something more useful and helpful? Not just wrap it in colorful packaging, but actually make it more useful and thought provoking. Infographics help in this arena, as to video tutorials, editorials on existing content, flash animations or interactive elements, but I know there are more techniques out there to be explored. With a ballooning amount of text information online, there has to be more ways of making that valuable content more useful. I’m confident there is, and am open to any suggestions or ideas you’ve seen.

With this in mind, take a look at the example below- and let me know what you think about this approach and the possibility of others…